Direct Assistance - How to Apply*

Letter of Intent (LOI)

A LOI is requested but not required. This brief document will allow Directed Energy to determine the eligibility of applicants and the relevance of their technology/business to Directed Energy's mission. The LOI form is provided here for interested applicants.

The actual proposals will have three components:

1. Application form

Application forms are available on this website. They will provide specific guidance and contain a template for applicants to follow.

For those seeking Project Assistance: The application format will be modeled after the DOD SBIR format. The actual proposal will be brief due to the fact that applicants will be able to refer to their Business Plan (required) and/or other supporting documents.

For those seeking Business Plan Assistance: The application under this program will be much less detailed, but will highlight company status and a description of what facets of the business plan require specific attention.

2. Business Plan

Project Assistance applicants are required to submit a complete Business Plan. Directed Energy does not expect applicants to rewrite their Business plans to fit any particular outline, but we do expect it to be a completed document and include financial projections. Applicants providing an insufficient Business Plan may be recommended for Business Plan Assistance.

Business Plan Assistance applicants must also submit their current Business Plan (recognizing that it will be a draft).

3. Task Timeline, Needs Analysis, and Budget

Project Assistance: Applicants will provide a Gantt chart for the tasks to be completed under this program, a description of what assistance is being asked for, and an itemized budget (including cost sharing). A minimum cost share of 25% cash is required. In addition a minimum 75% in-kind cost share is also expected. Larger cost shares are encouraged and will be favorably reviewed.

Companies are expected to pay for all of their own labor, travel, overhead and incidental supplies. Direct Assistance funds will be used to cover various expenses and will be customized for each client and will likely include: prototype fabrications, market studies, testing services, consultant fees, and software development services. Where possible and appropriate, applicants should provide detailed estimates of expenses.

For those seeking Business Plan Assistance: Companies should indicate what they perceive to be specific needs. No budget is required.

* Attempts will be made to limit the time applicants spend preparing their proposals, but at the same time providing sufficient information for evaluation. One goal of this program is to substantially advance all applicant's business opportunities (by just preparing an application) whether they are selected for funding or not.